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Our own brands

We have three own brands. Exclusive distribution throughout Spain. If you want to market our own brands, contact us.


Our main own brand of confectionery. Top quality products and a wide variety at the best price.


Txindoki is one of our pasta brands. Essential for special occasions. They should not be missing in a good desktop.


Our brand of preserves. You can taste the best asparagus, legumes, vegetables... All the flavor of the garden in a jar. See Uyarra products.

Brands that we distribute in Gipuzkoa

We distribute many brands exclusively in Gipuzkoa. We supply shops, stores and supermarkets in Gipuzkoa on a daily basis. If you want to know our entire catalog or want to market some of our brands in Gipuzkoa, contact us. Below are some of the brands we distribute:

Pastas Arantxa

Made in Álava, Arantxa tea cakes are synonymous with quality, craftsmanship and tradition.


Arruabarrena is a confectionery brand specializing in puff pastry products. After decades of experience, they offer us a wide range of top quality products.

Repostería Juan Miguel

Pastry factory in which, since 1984, several generations of a family business have produced quality pasta in Huarte (Navarra). Quality and variety at the best price.

El Horno de Don Ramón

You will not be able to stop savoring its famous palm trees. The pastry chefs at El Horno de Don Ramón have a wide range of pastries, undoubtedly making anyone who tastes their products enjoy themselves.

Horno Hermanos Juan

70 years of experience guarantee the quality of the products of Horno Hnos. Juan. They maintain their philosophy of choosing top quality raw materials and their fidelity to traditions and manual processes.


Barilla is currently the largest producer of pasta in the world. Founded in 1877, it has been conquering the Italian market for 145 years, a market full of demanding palates.


Lindt is one of the most successful and well-known chocolatiers in the world. With more than 150 years of history, it has a wide range of luxury chocolates to offer.

Don Simón

Don Simón is the best known Spanish beverage brand in Spain. It offers a wide range of drinks, juices, wines, broths, sangrias, summer reds... All with an unbeatable value for money.


Productos de panadería realizados sin renunciar a la artesanía y tradición. Harina, levadura y sal: Sus tres claves para hacerte disfrutar de sus productos de manera equilibrada y saludable.


Bakery products made without giving up craftsmanship and tradition. Flour, yeast and salt: Its three keys to making you enjoy its products in a balanced and healthy way.


Unmistakable for their quality, flavor, tender texture and without threads. Over more than 145 years, their experience has led them to be specialists and benchmarks in the preparation of this healthy food.


Ferrero is the largest European producer of sweets, and the second in the world. In addition to the entire Ferrero range, they also produce Kinder chocolates, delicious Nutella and Tic Tac candies, among many other things.

Mantecados Felipe II

The Felipe II mantecado, since 1909, is the first and oldest registered mantecado. This mantecado was the succulent delicacy offered on a special occasion by the Count of Benavente to King Felipe II.

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